Helping You See the Future


Why we want to help you

We were corporate innovators before corporate innovation was cool. Leading companies knew they needed a new type of leader, the kind of person who understands the world is changing faster than it ever has before, and knows the structure and process of getting things done in larger organizations. When we have worked inside large organizations, we’ve been able to help these organizations be ambidextrous…to be innovative and excellent at execution. It’s not an easy job, and sometimes a thankless job, but also one that has taught us many things.

Now is our chance to share our experiences with other companies. Our passion is to teach as many companies as possible how to leverage customer insights to build better products, better services, and better experiences. Customers demand, and deserve, companies to build products they love. We are here on the side of the customer, and to teach you how to be on their side too.

The formula borrows from many existing processes into something that is unique and structured. We help our companies build processes that leverage the best practices of design thinking and human-centred design to understand the problems customers face. We layer on strategic planning to ensure that these innovation objectives match and support business objectives, which unlocks the value of innovation programs. Finally we establish metrics to ensure the work your teams are doing is valuable, repeatable, and defensible.

If you are interested in this approach to help you see the future by leveraging customer insights, send us note. We’d love to hear all about your ideas.

Ramy & Craig


What we do

  • Uncover customer insights to help you make better decisions

  • Help you generate and validate new ideas, concepts & offerings

  • Build and test prototypes to get your to answers faster & cheaper

  • Create strategies that align innovation goals to broader organizational priorities

How we do it

  • We get our hands dirty by talking to customers

  • We leverage technology to build & test protototypes

  • We create clear measurement frameworks to assess outcomes of these tests

  • We build processes so that innovation is scalable and repeatable